RDNS International Institute of Seniors and Community Care

RDNS International Institute of Seniors and Community Care (RDNS International Institute) is a leader in seniors care education, training and coaching.

At RDNS International Institute, we know first-hand that the success of any seniors living provider is directly related to the quality and performance of its staff.Working from our strong foundations in seniors healthcare, the Institute offers education and training programs that develop people at every level of seniors care.

As part of the RDNS Group of companies, RDNS International Institute was established by RDNS, Australasia’s largest and oldest provider of home based nursing and support services.

Drawing on RDNS’ 130 years of experience in caring for people in their home, RDNS International Institute works with forward thinking, like minded organisations to develop world class seniors living and community care solutions.

Our established Seniors Care Training Series is designed for support staff, nurses, supervisors, managers and directors, and where required we can individually tailor content to meet your organisation’s needs.

Helping seniors to live their best life.
Family. Dignity. Community.

Tailored to your unique needs

Flexible formats

RDNS International Institute can provide short education modules through to long course formats, depending on an organisation’s specific needs. Courses can be provided to small or large numbers of participants to support specific areas of operations or need.

Flexible delivery

RDNS International Institute can facilitate education and learning programs in a place and manner that best suits participants and their organisations. We have the network and support structures to be able to provide education programs internationally or in Australia. Courses can be provided in a local language.

Flexible course design

At RDNS International Institute we believe that an individually-tailored solution is the best solution. In addition to our Seniors Care Training Series, we can work closely with your organisation to develop fully customised programs, including any required adaptation and translation for your region.